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de-stress mi everyday pairing (MIYU Beauty)

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An everyday tea + skincare pairing offering powerful and potent anti-inflammatory properties to calm stressed complexions. The advanced serum mist beauty essence works to calm inflammation and redness, fight stress-induced free radicals, and rebuild the skin barrier to promote healthier, more resilient skin. The fresh and earthy tea blend is made from peppermint, licorice and chamomile blossoms, for caffeine-free detoxification.

You’ll love it if:
you’re someone who multi-tasks from dawn till dusk, are strained from pressing timelines or are just naturally type A.

What it does:
de-stress mi beauty essence: Five essential minerals instantly soothes complexions by pacifying skin aggravated by life’s stressors. Daily use strengthens the skin barrier, making it more resilient against external irritants.

de-stress mi beauty tea: Chinese liquorice and chamomile blossoms calm inflammation and soothe from within. Peppermint instantly uplifts the senses and releases the mind from moments of tension.

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