Mermaid Mask (LEAHLANI)

41,00 € * (30 ml) Base price: 1.366,67 € / 1 l

Mermaid Mask
Made from the soil and nectar of Hawaii, this one product alone will purify, cleanse and soften your skin gently yet effectively.

The Mermaid Mask is a potent and nutrient dense 'superfood' face mask designed to feed your skin the nourishment that it needs to reveal a radiant and vibrant complexion.
* Our spirulina comes from a farm on the pristine coast of Hawaii that draws on the natural resources that surrounds it, abundant warm sunlight, pure deep ocean water and 100% fresh water drawn from a Hawaiian aquifer.
* We use the cleanest and most pure source of organic chlorella on the planet, which is grown in outdoor pools under the sunlight and contains cell walls that are "opened" or "cracked" using a specific
process that preserves nutrients and increases absorption.

The Ritual: Stir well before each use. After cleansing, gently massage one teaspoon of Mermaid Mask into a moistened face until evenly distributed. You may notice your skin will literally ‘drink it in’. Because this is a wet mask, it is not going to dry on the skin. Allow 5-15 minutes for it to work its magic and then rinse well with cool water.

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