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Mahina Elixir (LEAHLANI)

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Meet Mahina ❤︎

A satiating evening skin elixir that combines the powerful duo of organic moringa and marula oils with youth enhancing organic prickly pear seed oil, repairing chia oil and vitamin A rich carrot seed oil that work together to tone, replenish and soften the skin to promote a youthful radiance. Sealed with a kiss of organic vanilla and citrus.

Implementing a thorough evening skincare ritual is vital to help unveil a vibrant and healthy complexion. Our skin cells are working hard as we sleep to repair the damage from the days pollutants and to balance moisture that we loose while we sleep.

The Mahina Elixir was formulated with these factors in mind, to repair, balance and moisturize the skin with vital nutrients found in organic and cold pressed oils. Each ingredient is full to the brim with youth enhancing vitamins, proteins and amino acids that will work hard to rejuvenate each cell on your precious face while you get your beauty sleep.

Please note, the color of Mahina will vary from batch to batch. This is due to the use of unrefined, organic and cold pressed oils and natural botanicals.

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