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Natural Olive Insect Balm (Oh-lief)

17,00 € * (125 ml) Grundpreis: 136,00 € / 1 l

Naturally keep mosquitoes away with lemongrass & citronella oil.

Protects the whole family from mosquitoes and insects.

How to use:

Apply frequently to exposed body areas, such as the neck, arms and legs.

Use light clothing to covers your child’s skin with our Natural Olive Insect Balm, repeat regularly for best results.

Suggested age: 6 months + (Use a mosquito net for newborn baby)

with CERTIFIED organic Ingredients:

Cold pressed extra virgin Olive Oil*, Cold pressed Grapeseed Oil**, Beeswax**, Lemongrass Oil* and Citronella Oil*

* certified organic ingredients ** natural ingredients

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