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The Cure Nail Hardener (NAILBERRY)

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The Cure uses patented technology & a blend of naturals to harden weakened nails.

After 3 weeks of regular use*:

Over 90% of consumers felt their nails brittleness & nail breakages decreased and nail condition improved.

While over 70% felt the nails split less.

And 100% agreed their nails had improved shine.

The Cure includes a blend of natural actives to hydrate & protect the nails, aiding in the restoration & repair.

Multivitamins, A, B5, C, E & F – to hydrate & protect.

Black Algae from Antarctic – rich in proteins & mineral for repair.

Acai Berry Extract – for antioxidant protection.

This wonder hardener has been developed to be:

12 Free


Cruelty Free

Halal Certified

Breathable & Oxygenated

Water Permeable

Gluten Free

Enriched with a pleasant Rose Fragrance

Directions for use

Apply one coat for a breathable base coat or two coats twice weekly as an intense repair treatment.

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