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Cedre Atlas (Atelier Cologne)

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“He woke up suddenly, foggy and out of place. Scenes flashed in his head. They were chasing him. The snow pack was deep. He did not have what they wanted, but they would not believe him if he stopped. So he ran. Exhausted, he fell again. The moment he regained consciousness, a figure approached, she looked at him intently and spoke, «I can help you».”

Crisp blue cedar enveloped by warm amber...

Cedarwood from the Americas
Lemon from Italy
Papyrus from India

The formula of this Cologne Absolue is made from 89% renewable natural origin* ingredients of the highest quality. We add a selection of unexpected notes, crafted scientifically, to achieve the signature creative balance of our Maison de Parfum. We are committed to follow strict guidelines during all processes to respect an environmentally conscious approach.